Its always a busy time for us here at Dzen Farms, especially when strawberries are in season! It has been so wonderful seeing so many of our family and friends in Connecticut enjoying our pick-your-own location in Broad Brook Connecticut.

However, its not just our local folks enjoying the strawberries; Our friends up at Whole Foods in Jamaica Plains as well as our friends at Red Tomato are thoroughly enjoying our fresh berries!  In addition to Hannaford and local farm stands, Dzen Farms proudly supplies Whole Foods with our berries and other seasonal products!

Below is a photo of our friends at Whole Farms showcasing our berries and how to utilize them in a beautiful summer salad! Don’t forget to head to our Strawberries page here on the website and see our recipes too!

Hope to see you all soon whether you are doing the pick-your-own version or heading to Dzen Garden Market to pick up some to enjoy!

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