South Windsor strawberry Festival 2015

The South Windsor Strawberry Fest is a community event so many of us look forward to attending!  From all day activities for families to enjoy, to the best strawberry shortcake around, the South Windsor Strawberry Fest has become one of the most popular events this side of the river!

So what exactly goes into make the best strawberry shortcake around?  Here is the secret according to the South Windsor Strawberry Fest Website:

What Goes into Making the BEST Strawberry Shortcake Anywhere?

We start with a biscuit baked at Geissler’s supermarket. Just the right amount of flour, sugar, water, and spice.
Not too doughy, not too sweet. Just right to hold the sweet goodness of fresh strawberries and cream.

The Strawberries are hand picked in a field on the South Windsor/East Windsor line at Dzen farms.
The Strawberry plants were originally on Oakland Road where the Berry Patch apartments are now.

The strawberries are picked the day before the festival and the secret to their taste is the Connecticut soil.
They are smaller than the California berries most people eat in May and early June.
These are the first of the season berries and they have a unique taste and texture. Their juice is naturally sweet.

They are hulled (the greens pulled out) and washed twice by hand. They are put into clean buckets and stored in a
referigerated truck overnight. The day of the festival the buckets are taken from the truck one at a time and
mashed (crushed) by hand with an industrial mixer. This hand mashing keeps the berry intact and releases the
natural juices into a soupy mixture. Sugar is added based on the sweetness of the berries (we also offer unsweetened berries).

We purchase fresh cream from Instawhip in Wallingford. This real cream is whipped and put in cans the week before
the fest and delivered to the festival refrigerator a few days before the event.

The super fresh ingredients and the taste of the biscuit, strawberry mash, and whipped cream combine to make the
Undisputed World’s Best Strawberry Shortcake!

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.12.13 PM

For more information on the day and events in store,

make sure to visit the website at

South Windsor Strawberry Festival

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM