Welcome to Dzen Christmas Tree Farm

Looking for the perfect Christmas Tree? Look no further than Dzen Christmas Tree Farm located at 174 Barber Hill Road in South Windsor, Connecticut!

We are a family owned and operated business offering over 100 acres of Cut Your Own Christmas Trees. With every size available, Dzen Christmas Tree Farm has the healthiest selection available for you and your family.  Open the day after Thanksgiving, we look forward to seeing you this year!!

So whether you are coming from Connecticut towns such as South Windsor, Ellington, Windsor, Manchester, East Windsor, Somers or beyond, Dzen Christmas Tree Farm at 174 Barber Hill Road in South Windsor has the Christmas tree just right for your home and Christmas traditions.

Great, friendly, & traditional family business. A cornerstone in family values in south Windsor.

Lauren Ashley Georgiades

This family farm grows some of the best strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins and Christmas trees in the state of Connecticut!!!!

Lisa Gilbert

Our Christmas tree lasted OVER 6 weeks long and was just as nice today when we took it down as the day we bought it!

Kim Fiore